About Me:

  • I am absolutely in love with my beautiful wife Kate. And she’s way too good for me. We also have two cats and we are totally crazy about them.

  • I am obsessed with the best podcast in the galaxy called the "Star Wars Minute". It's probably what I am listening to as I travel to and from your wedding. Actually, I should just say that I am obsessed with Star Wars. Always have been. Always will be.

  • When I’m relaxing it’s likely I am either watching Parks and Rec episodes (all time favorite), playing video games like a nerd, or making my cats chase the laser pointer.

  • I treasure your wedding vendors! I may only ever get to work with your photographer or DJ once in my whole career- so I make every effort to make my time with your other hired vendors fun and memorable.

  • I am blessed beyond measure to film weddings for a living and I don't take a single wedding I film for granted. I am lucky to know you and even more so to be apart of your special day.